Oct 4, 2013

Kindergarten Color Boxes

This lesson comes from the September issue of Arts and Activities magazine.  It's a great assessment tool - cutting, colors, size recognition, gluing and understanding directions are all covered in one project.

After creating the templates, we played a game of "Miss Tomaso Says" to fill in the spots of our color box.  The primary and secondary colors are all used to fill in each of the six boxes.  Miss Tomaso would say what color and which box, the kids only had to choose the right color and the right place to put it.  

After the coloring is finished, we pull out the old magazines.  Kids now get to play "hide and seek" with the colorful pages.  They look for objects that match the color of their box, cutting them out to glue to the same colored square.  For example, a red tomato would fit on a red square.  Students are reminded that the picture shouldn't cover the whole square, we still want to see their awesome coloring.  :)  This is a great way to check cutting skills too.  

When everything is ready to go, the templates are folded and glued to make a color box.