Oct 7, 2013

Third Grade Longhorns

Students were introduced to public art with this project!

We looked at the Cow Parade (http://www.cowparade.com/) and J. Doe (http://steveadamsomaha.tripod.com/P_JdoeOmaha/Home.html) public art projects.  I was very lucky to be living in Omaha during both J. Doe projects!  Recently Omaha hosted the "Play Me, I'm Yours" (http://streetpianos.com/omaha2013/) street piano project as well.   

Each of these projects were completed by individual artists with a common theme.  The finished artwork had a wide variety of styles, but by using a similar model (cow, mannequin, piano) they were tied together as a cross-city project.  

Because we are the Longhorns, we naturally had to do a longhorn cow for our model!  :)

Each student was given a blank longhorn drawing to complete their project.  They chose the theme and how their finished project looks.  Each cow has it's own theme, complete with title, chosen by the very creative Third Grade artists.

Just a few of the results:

"The Fair Longhorn"          Carleigh
"Star Longhorn"          Ella
"Tormentor"          Colby B.
"Smiley Longhorn"          Madelynn H.
"Bolo Fred"          Carter L.
"Colorful Rainbow"          Ashley F.
"The Spotted Cow"          Raissa
"Fiesta Cow"          Annika M.
"Storm Cow"          Ali M.
"Orange Zebra Cow"          Kiersten
"The Strong Longhorn Mathy"          Bryn M.
"RGBL"          Alejandra