Wish List

As the budget has become tighter, the art room sometimes needs extra supplies.
If you have any questions or are willing to donate, please email me at ltomaso@ccschools.cc

Wish List:

Recyclables - paper towel tubes, meat trays, cardboard, pop can tabs.  We do a lot with recycled materials and could always use more!  :)

Old t-shirts - these make great paint shirts

Washcloths - there never seems to be enough when it's time for clean up.  They work so much better than paper towels.

Magazines - we use these a lot!  (Please make sure they are school appropriate.)

Art Room Equipment Wish List:

These are items that we would love to have in the art room, but need to raise the money for since our budget is limited.

Tabletop Printing Press:  http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-econo-etch-model-ii-press/

Small Glass Kiln: http://www.dickblick.com/products/amaco-excel-glass-kiln-with-glass-select-fire/

Mat Cutter: http://www.dickblick.com/products/fletcher-2200-professional-mat-cutting-system/

Dragonframe Animation Software: http://www.dragonframe.com/

Digital Camera and Tripod for animation projects

Skeleton:  Budget Bart.  We do a lot with anatomy and proportion. A skeleton model helps students learn how the body is put together.
Budget Bart link

Donation Sites

We also have a classroom account through Dick Blick Art Room Aid:

And Donors Choose