Sep 27, 2013

First Post of the Official Blog!

Welcome to the new blog for Chase County Schools Elementary Art!

My name is Miss Tomaso.  I am teaching Kindergarten through Eighth Grade in Imperial, Nebraska. This will be my third year in Imperial!  :)

It is time to enter the digital age and show off the awesome work being completed in the elementary art room.

Our first project of the year was the Rainbow Portrait mural.  Each student created a monochromatic (one color) self-portrait.  When they're all put together, we have a beautiful rainbow!

Rainbow Portraits!  Students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.

Kindergarten has art for the first time this year.  Very excited to see what their little hands will create.  :)

Seventh and Eighth Grade students also come to Miss Tomaso's art room, the first year for Eighth Grade as well.  

Here we are about a month into school.  Some very exciting things happening in the art room.  Pictures to be posted soon!  

The first unit in Elementary Art is Color.  Each class has a lesson focusing on different parts of color and how we can use it in art.

K - Color Box
1 - Rainbow Fish
2 - Mr. Roy G Biv
3 - Strange Worlds (Fauvist painters)
4 - Name Grids
5 - Mandala
6 - Color Wheels

The Rainbow Portraits pictured above fit perfectly into the color unit.  At the bottom of the case, First Grade had fun putting together their 3-D Rainbows.

Looking forward to a colorful year!

This year I was also very proud (and humbled) to be chosen as the 2013 K-12 Nebraska Art Educator of the Year.  Such a huge honor!  Thank you to the NATA (Nebraska Art Teachers Association) and Julie Ryan for nominating me.  

- Miss Tomaso