Sep 30, 2013

Another project from Seventh Grade  :)

Twenty Objects Drawing:

This is one of my favorite assignments to give because I always have some really diverse results.  The students are given a list of twenty different things.  Some of the items are very specific, some are very broad, and some fall between.  We discuss creating a collage effect by overlapping and using balance. Although it is all drawn, and all the pieces different, it comes together as a whole piece.

your name 
a letter 
a number 
an animal 
an insect 
a plant 
a food 
a shape 
a symbol 
something that flies
something from nature
something that needs a motor
something in the sky
something you find on the ground
something you find underground 
an object you use everyday
an imaginary object
an element (earth, water, fire, air) 
an object associated with a holiday 
a piece of clothing

It is always interesting to see how each student approaches the problem and what they come up with to fill each category.  No two ever look the same!  :)

- Miss Tomaso